Sunday, December 21, 2008

New contest!! Win one of our popular Flurry Soaps!!

Congratulations!!! We have our winners of the Flurry Soap Contest:

Heidi G. from Ontario Canada

Sandie R. from Carlsbad CA
Kim L. from Poynette, WI

Way to go ladies!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another gorgeous wintertime shot

I love this picture one of my favorites taken a couple of days ago.

The view from inside a Soaper's Paradise

I thought I'd give your all a glimpse of what it is like inside my domain. Here is the wall of fragrance it has to be in alphabetical order other wise I am lost. I must have over a 1000 bottles of you name it I have it :) There are so many bottles you don't see.

I would also like to introduce you all to our soaping mascot Mr. FrostyPawz, he is my prince but watch out if you miss his feeding times he turns into Mr, Nasty Mountain Lion aka Mr. Destructor LOL. He is now 4 and a 8 pd handful he puts my Bernese dog in his place, hard to believe an 8pd cat could rule a 100pd dog.
Well, I have to go shovel the snow again! We are getting blasted today.
Cheers everyone, stay safe.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter has come early to Alliston, Ontario

Snow, snow and more snow!!! The snow is very pretty but boy it came way to early this year, the skiers and snowboarders I am sure love it. It's been snowing pretty steadily for about a week now.

Well we are busy at work over here at Bubble Tub trying to ramp up for Christmas, pumping out Flurry Soaps, Salty Candy Canes (bath salts), Snow Top Bubble Bars, it sure smells wonderful over here.
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Well back to work I must go, I hope I see you on our site Christmas shopping or at least signing up for our newsletter and joining our group of loyal fans.
Owner of Bubble Tub.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A soaping I must go.......

Bubble Tub Soaps was at the Adjala Fall Festival and we are proud to report to was a smashing success! We sold lots of soaps to lots of happy customers which makes me extremely proud of my company.

Fresh off the press this week we have just produced two very yummy body sugar scrubs, hazelnut coffee and appleberry harvest, all I can say is DELISH!
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