Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our shampoos contain no harsh toxic ingredients such as SLS or Parabens, which in turn creates a healthier more natural product. Enriched with Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5 each strand will be nourished. Our formula is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.
Here is the lineup:
Pure and natural is color and fragrance free created for sensitive scalps.
Lemon Verbena is oh so intoxicating, lemon, green, fresh, spa like, the perfect fragrance for a shampoo.
Cactus Flower and Honey is a scrumptious honey fragrance with a wonderful green herbal background, this scent is lip smacking good but don't eat it!
We added yummy Spearmint Essential Oil for a refreshing fragrance, oh this is so good, spearmint is my favorite YUM!
A fresh spa fragrance was used to scent this beauty, one word...gorgeous!
Our shampoos are suitable for all hair types, they are luxurious why not treat yourself to something special, a little goes a long way.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitten love for FiveForty!!

Well finally after getting my camera back from the brink of camera heaven I got the retrieve some precious photos of Frosty Pawz loving and OWNing I might add a beautiful hand woven rug made for him by FiveForty.
She has some of the most beautiful jewelery and rugs I have ever seen!  Her site is located on Etsy at FiveForty's amazing store

 Hummm what do we have here....
Oh is this for me.....
Well I must tell all you folks...
This gets my kitten kiss of approval, thanks Pegg!!