Thursday, September 3, 2009

Splashing into Fall with our "Weekend Deals" Sale on Etsy

We are splashing into fall with our weekend deals!  Save 15% off of all products!!  You will credited 15% back into your pay pal account.  The "Weekend Deals" promo will run from September 3rd - 7th.  Please use the promotion code "Weekend Deals" in the comment section of your purchase to be eligible.
No other coupons or promo's will be allowed to be used in conjunction with this sale.  The 15% off not not apply to shipping.
Happy Shopping everyone!!


  1. Great sale! I'll have to go and check out your shop!

  2. This lip balm looks awesome! I just "hearted" a different one in your shop, but I will go see if this one is in there now. It must be wonderful! I love berries!