Friday, April 16, 2010

Lavender and Vanilla dreams......

Ah yes isn't mental block a wonderful thing for an artist, you try and try....just like winnie the pooh (tapping my head) think think think.  Well after many sleepless nights not in Seattle I might add, and long days taking long walks...nothing popped into my head.  I turned on my computer one day and starred at my products thinking mmmm....then the neon sign went off...BINGO I am going to create lip balm fusion we are talking.  So off  I went tinkering ... trying...and then poof  Lavender and Vanilla Lip Fusion was born.

Let me tell you....
It is so yummy, creamy vanilla kissed with lavender.  Slides on smooth and sexy!  
All of our lip balms are packaged in cute muslin bags stamped with our logo on.